Prizes and awards granted to entities of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group

In 2014, PKO Bank Polski SA have been granted numerous prizes and awards. Innovative services and products as well as excellent customer service quality were appreciated, Bank’s management, excellent financial results and the entirety of both commercial and social activities of the Bank were awarded several times.
The most important awarded prizes were as follows:

Products and services

IKO among the prize winners of the Mobile Trends Awards

In the third edition of the Mobile Trends competition, PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the category ‘Company supporting the development of mobile technology’ for IKO mobile payments.
The Mobile Trends Awards competition is open to products, applications, websites, and campaigns, which were created or carried out by Polish companies or Polish branches of foreign companies. Out of approximately 100 enterprises and institutions, winners in 16 categories were chosen. The prizes are awarded by the competition jury (which consists of experts from the world of IT and mobile technologies) and based on votes by Internet users.

Gold Banker of 2013 (Złoty Bankier 2013)

In the fifth edition of the competition the Bank was rewarded in ‘The best mortgage loan’ and ‘Financial innovation’ categories in a poll organised by and PayU.
Once again in the history of the poll Internet users appreciated mortgage loan ‘Własny Kąt Hipoteczny’. PKO Bank Polski SA received the largest number of positive opinions in ‘The best mortgage loan’ category, ranked first with 46 per cent of total number of votes. The jury of the competition also awarded the Bank in special category ‘Financial innovation’ for IKO application.
Thanks to the votes of over 40 thousand internet users and experts, PKO Bank Polski SA was also among the winners in categories: ‘The best mobile banking’ (2nd place) and ‘The best personal account’ (3rd place). On the other hand, Inteligo was awarded among the top banks in the poll ‘The best way to pay online’ (2nd place) and ‘The best bank for Internet entrepreneurs’ (3rd place).

Banking and Insurance World Leaders Competition (Konkurs Liderów Świata Bankowości i Ubezpieczeń)

IKO mobile payment won in the Banking and Insurance World Leaders Competition in the category ‘The Most Interesting Innovation for the Bank’.
This was the third edition of the competition which was held as part of the Polish Business Congress. Its jury is formed by renowned experts in finance, members of the government and economic journalists. Awards are granted to people and firms who contributed the most in the development of the Polish financial sector in the past year.

Brokerage activities

Broker of the Year 2014

In February 2015, the Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA received a prestigious special award of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, ‘Broker of the Year 2014’, and:

  • a prize for the highest turnover realised by a market maker on session transactions in non-Treasury bonds on the Catalyst market,
  • a prize for the highest share of a market maker in the volume of transactions in options.

Golden Bulls. Summary of the Stock Exchange Year 2013 (Złote Byki. Podsumowanie Roku Giełdowego 2013)

The Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw once again awarded prizes to leaders of the Polish market for their achievements in 2013. It distinguished issuers, Stock Exchange Members and Authorised Advisors, who in the past year particularly contributed to the development of the Polish capital market.
Among the winners was the Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA, which received three awards:

  • for the greatest value of offers for companies entering the Main Market in 2013,
  • for the largest number of companies introduced on the Main Market in 2013,
  • for the highest turnover of non-Treasury bonds achieved by the maker on the Catalyst in 2013.

The Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA appreciated in the Forbes ranking

The Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA was the winner in the Forbes’ monthly ranking of the Best brokerage houses according to individual investors. It received the highest marks, winning in six out of seven categories subject to the assessment. Individual investors appreciated the
functionality of the IT platform, the quality of direct services, professionalism of employees, the quality of analyses and recommendations, educational offer and access to information and quotations. In addition - maintaining the last year’s number of points - it placed second in the
institutional investors segment. It also has one of the best teams of institutional stock brokers.

Financial results

The Best Bank (Najlepszy Bank)

For the 22nd time, Gazeta Bankowa has awarded the best banks. PKO Bank Polski SA ranked third in the Commercial banks category (small and medium and large). The competition is carried out under the substantive patronage of PwC - the advisory company, and chaired by Małgorzata Zaleska – the member of the management board of the National Bank of Poland. The competition honors the banks, which achieved the best financial results. The assessment is based on the audited financial results achieved by the bank in the previous year.

The 50 largest banks in Poland (50 największych banków w Polsce)

Once again PKO Bank Polski SA won the ranking of ‘50 largest banks in Poland’ of ‘Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK’, prepared by independent analysts based on financial data of banks for the previous year.
In this year's 19th edition of the ‘50 largest banks in Poland 2014’ ranking of ‘Miesięcznik Finansowy BANK’ the Bank won in the category ‘Banks financing real estate’ and among banks offering consumer loans - ‘Consumer finance’ took third place.

Leader in the Forbes ranking (Lider rankingu Forbesa)

PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded six stars in the general classification of the ranking ‘The Best Bank for Enterprises’ (‘Najlepszy bank dla firm’) and won in the category of the best account for enterprises. The Bank was awarded in respect of its credit offer and for the quality of business customers service. The Bank was appreciated first of all for one of the cheapest baskets of banking services for enterprises and credit offer.
The Bank also achieved a high, third rank in the survey realised with the mystery customer method. Awarded were i.a.: service quality, customer acquisition method, décor and organisation of branches.

Bank of the Year in Poland according to the ‘The Banker’ monthly

Once more, PKO Bank Polski SA received the award ‘Bank of the Year in Poland’. The Bank received recognition for its above-average financial results, the high profitability of its assets and equity, the best cost effectiveness, measured with the C/I ratio, among the bank groups in the country, the quality of its loan portfolio, the increase in its market shares, and consolidating its position as the indisputable leader of Polish banking.
The ‘Bank of the Year’ competition is organised each year by the ‘The Banker‘ monthly which is owned by the ‘Financial Times’. The magazine analyses the financial results of banks, their development strategies, and projects carried out in a given year in the context of the situation in the financial sector in a given country.

‘Golden Laurel of Super Business’ for PKO Bank Polski SA

The Bank won in the ‘Golden Laurel of Super Business’ competition (in the ‘finance and banking’ category), which rewards people, institutions and companies for conducting activities that create favourable conditions for the development of Polish entrepreneurship. The jury appreciated the fact that the Bank maintained the position of leader in Polish banking, its merger with Nordea Bank Polska SA, giving Poles the possibility to do banking conveniently and quickly using the IKO mobile application, as well as the revolutionary changes in School Savings Unions (Szkolne Kasy Oszczędności).
The competition was organised by the office of ‘Super Business’ (‘Super Biznes’), the economic supplement to the ‘Super Express’ daily.

The Pillars of Budget (Filary Budżetu)

PKO Bank Polski SA was honored with a new award of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily – the ‘Pillars of Budget’ (‘Filary Budżetu’). The award for entities paying the highest taxes is part of the annual ranking of the largest companies in the Polish economy, ‘List of 500’ (‘Lista 500’).
According to the daily editors, the state can operate effectively only through legitimate businesses, which supply a common finances. Therefore in the sixteenth edition of the ranking the new award the ’Pillars of Budget’ was introduced. Among the winners, there were also KGHM and PZU apart from PKO Bank Polski SA.

Ranking of the largest corporate income tax (CIT) payers

‘Puls Biznesu’ has been giving awards to the largest Polish CIT payers for two years. PKO Bank Polski SA, which transferred PLN 870 million, came second the Ranking of the largest corporate income tax (CIT) payers. According to the credit reference agency Bisnode, which collected the data for the ranking, the first one hundred payers transferred PLN 12.2 billion worth of tax to the tax authorities in 2012 (the latest data available as at the ranking preparation date).

In the top one hundred of the largest CIT payers, there are as many as 14 banks which transferred a total of more than PLN 3 billion to the tax authorities.

Awards for the Management Board of the Bank

Best manager

Zbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA received an honourable mention in the competition ‘TOP 20 Best Managers in the Polish Economy in 2014’ organised by Bloomberg Businessweek Polska. The winners were chosen based on a survey conducted among the leading Polish managers.
The ‘TOP 20 Best Managers in the Polish Economy in 2014’ is an award granted by Bloomberg Businessweek Polska to managers, who employ modern management methods and demonstrate consistency in taking action, and who manage organisations which stand out on the market in terms of quality, the innovative nature of their offers, and above all success. The TOP 20 was made up of well-known and widely recognised on the market heads of companies representing various industries.

Top 50 Marketers of Europe (Top 50 Marketingowców Europy)

Tomasz Marszałł, the director of the Marketing in PKO Bank Polski SA was included in the ‘Top 50 Marketers of Europe’ list, prepared by publishing house ‘The Internationalist’. In preparing the ‘Top 50 Marketers of Europe’ list, managers considered the best in the region, having a real impact on the growth of the business potential of this region and showing unconventional thinking, innovative realisations of campaigns, as well as generating good results have been taken into account.
‘The Internationalist’ operates in the publishing market for more than nine years. It is a kind of a platform connecting experts and professionals related to the international advertising and marketing market.

Marketing and Sales Man by Brief

Tomasz Marszałł was chosen as the Marketing and Sales Man of 2014 by ‘Brief’. The ‘Brief’ magazine has been giving ‘People of the Year by Brief’ awards for several years. It grants them to people who, through their professional activities, contribute to the development of Poland and its regions.
Tomasz Marszałł, Marketing Director at PKO Bank Polski SA, was awarded for his achievements in building marketing communication for the largest Polish bank.

Heroes of HR (Bohaterowie HR)

Artur Miernik, the director of Personnel Management Division of the Bank was awarded in the ‘Heroes of HR’ competition, in the Best Head of HR of the year category. This title is awarded to people who in a special way manage HR departments. Artur Miernik was recognised for modernising the structure of HR in a large and stable organisation, in accordance with the latest global trends.
It was the first edition of the Heroes of HR competition organised by Employer Branding Institute.

The brand

Reliable Brand (Marka Godna Zaufania)

For the tenth time, PKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with the Golden Statuette of Reliable Brand in the ‘Bank’ category, in the Europe-wide survey European Trusted Brands. The award is granted to those brands which gained the highest consumers’ confidence. PKO Bank Polski SA was selected by 27 per cent of the Reader’s Digest Magazine’s survey participants.
This year’s edition of one of the largest and broadest consumer survey was carried out in 10 European countries.

The leader in the ‘Top Marka’ ranking

PKO Bank Polski SA is the most frequently and best described in media banking sector institution - as shown by the 7th ‘Top Marka’ ranking. The purpose of the compilation prepared by ‘Press’ and the entity Press-Service Monitoring Mediów is to select the most popular brands in the press and internet media.
On average, 4 thousand bits of information about our Bank appear each month in the media and web portals. In the analysed period of July 2013 - June 2014, media and internet users particularly described and commented on topics connected with integration with Nordea Bank Polska SA, financial results, stock price quotations and product offer.

PKO Bank Polski SA among the best Polish 25 years of freedom brands

PKO Bank Polski SA made it to the ’25/25 years: Brands for Poland‘ chart by Brief magazine, which is the list of 25 domestic commercial brands making up an image of a modern, creative and economically strong Poland. According to the magazine’s editorial office, the Bank’s brand is a ‘national treasure’ and it represents our country proudly in the international arena. The Bank’s brand enhances the positive image of Poland both in the minds of Poles and foreign investors.
The ’25/25 years: Brands for Poland‘ chart was compiled by the Brief monthly to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Poland’s freedom. It dedicated it to twenty-five exceptional Poles, places and events, as well as companies and brands with the greatest potential for building a strong brand for Poland.

The winner of the market (Zdobywca rynku)

The editors of Polish Market awarded PKO Bank Polski SA with ‘The winner of the market’ (‘Zdobywca rynku’) title, in the services category. The PKO Junior payment cards, for children under age of 13, were appreciated for focusing on the young generation and the mission of society financial education from the earliest years.
In ‘The winner of the market’ competition, the best young managers and services conquering the market are awarded.

Grand Prix Effie for PKO Bank Polski SA

The advertising campaign of PKO Bank Polski SA called ’The Ideal Employee‘ with the participation of Szymon Majewski proved to be the best in the Effie Awards 2014 competition. The concept of creative commercials received the Grand Prix. It was also granted a golden statuette in the ’Long-term marketing excellence‘ category. Next, the PKO Junior Achilles campaign won the bronze Effie award in the Banking category. The jury appreciated the spectacular, consistent, and transparent marketing strategy.
The Effie is one of the most important competitions in the marketing communication industry. It gives awards to brands for market success achieved thanks to implemented advertising campaigns. The competition is organised by the Association of Marketing Communication SAR.

„A load off my mind’ (’Kamień z serca‘) – the best card product commercial

The commercial for a transparent PKO Visa credit card titled ‘A load off my mind’ (’Kamień z serca’) of PKO Bank Polski SA won the competition for the ‘Best card product commercial broadcast in the Polish media’. The jury appreciated first of all the non-standard product image – a piece of transparent plastic made using a special technology, with elements visible inside the card: a chip and a payWave antenna. It also emphasised the appeal of the message, the essence of which is an apt combination of the slogan – the set phrase of ‘A load off my mind’ (‘Kamień z serca’) with the product’s intended use – the card’s qualities, emphasising its transparency and the possibility to keep expenses under control. The award was given at the Polish Card Gala which was held as part of the 7th Central European Electronic Card Conference Warsaw 2014.

Best Contact Center (Najlepsze Contact Center)

For the sixth time, PKO Bank Polski SA’s Contact Center outclassed its rivals in a cyclical survey carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia. In the final ranking including telephone and e-mail contacts, the Bank obtained over 98 points out of the maximum 100.
The pollsters very highly evaluated the consultants’ politeness, involvement and professionalism (19.7 points out of the maximum 20) as well as knowledge of the products and substantial preparation to conversation about mortgage loans, credit cards, cash loan, accounts and deposits of PKO Bank Polski SA.

PKO Bank Polski SA again awarded the most valuable brand title

A victory in the finance category, second place in the general classification of the Polish brands ranking, and the value of the PKO Bank Polski SA brand amounting to PLN 3.6 billion sum up the results of the latest edition of the Rzeczpospolita ranking (the ranking is open only to those brands which were formed in Poland, regardless of the country of origin of their current owner). Since the ranking was presented for the first time in 2006, the value of our flagship brand has tripled and increased by PLN 2.4 billion.

Value of PKO BP SA brand according to the rating of the most valuable Polish brands published by Rzeczpospolita (in PLN billion)

For the purposes of the ranking, a worldwide used method relief from royalty was adopted. It is based on hypothetical fees that the user of the brand would have to pay, if he used it basing on the license agreement. Such a fees are settled in relation to net income on sales.


Employer of the year 2013 ranking (Ranking Pracodawca Roku 2013)

The Bank found itself among the most desired employers in the ‘Employer of the year 2013’ ranking organised by the international students’ organisation AIESEC. It was ranked high fourth place, advancing from sixth place in the previous year.
The poll, conducted periodically, was attended by more than 3.6 thousand students of economic faculties from 39 universities in Poland.
Among the most important factors in choice of employer, the students pointed to a good working atmosphere, satisfaction level, a respect for private life, employment security and salary level. Subsequently they mentioned, i.a, a clear career path, promotion criteria, possibility of acquiring knowledge.
PKO Bank Polski SA found itself among the companies such as: Ernst & Young, PwC, Google or Deloitte.

The Conscious Employer (Świadomy Pracodawca)

PKO Bank Polski SA has won in the competition of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości - PARP) in the ‘Conscious Employer’ (‘Świadomy Pracodawca’) category. The ‘PKO Bank Polski SA’s Manager Academy’ (‘Akademia Menedżera PKO Banku Polskiego’) project was appreciated for i.a. form and content complexity, target group, territorial range and quality of the training offered in the competition.
The award in the ‘Conscious Employer’ category was given for the first time. Its aim was to select from the beneficiaries of PARP companies which, despite the economic slowdown, invest in employee development.

The Ideal Employer (Idealny Pracodawca)

Once again our Bank was awarded by students. In a prestigious employer ranking – Universum Student Survey – PKO Bank Polski SA retained its third place in the Business category. It was the only bank among the first ten in the ranking.
In this year’s edition of the survey, 23.5 thousand students made over 70 thousand individual assessments of employers. The survey participants specified their expectations as regards future employers and selected the ideal ones, in their opinion, in seven categories: Business, Engineering, IT, the Humanities, Science, Law, and Medicine and Pharmacy. Apart from our Bank, the companies which received this title included, i.a. Google Poland, Skanska, Bayer, TVN, EY (formerly Ernst & Young).

Internship sponsor

PKO Bank Polski SA received a statuette as a Sponsor of internships for students and graduates as part of the 19th edition of the ‘Win the Internship’ (‘Grasz o staż’) competition. The awards are given to companies which got involved in the project to a significant extent.
‘Win the Internship’ is an all-Poland competition organised by PwC and Gazeta Wyborcza. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education is the Honorary Patron for the competition.

Human Resources Management Leader

In the 15th edition of the Human Resources Management Leader competition, the Bank received an honourable mention for building an employer’s image and a Confederate Cap – a prestigious award of the Employers of Poland – an institution which supports the competition. The jury appreciated the Bank’s comprehensive measures aimed at building an attractive labour environment and career development addressed to its employees, as well as its activity on the external labour market.
The aim of the competition organised by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies is to examine the condition of human resources management in the companies operating on the Polish market, identify effective solutions, and popularise the so-called good standards.


The Best of the Best

Second time in a row, the Annual Report of PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded a special prize The Best of the Best. The prize is awarded to enterprises which won the main prize in ‘The Best Annual Report’ competition, organised by Instytut Rachunkowości i Podatków (Accounting and Tax Institute), three times in the last few years.
The award of Annual Report for 2013 is proof of its highest value for shareholders and investors. The Competition Jury appreciated its value in use, application of IFRS/IAS standards and online publication, emphasising highest quality in all these areas. Image-related value of PKO Bank Polski SA financial statements –its completeness and consistency as well as clear and logical presentation of data (i. a. strategy and forecasts taking account of risks, and application of corporate governance principles) was also acknowledged.

IT Leader in Financial Institutions (Lider Informatyki Instytucji Finansowych)

In the 12th edition of the ‘IT Leader in Financial Institutions 2013’ (Lider Informatyki Instytucji Finansowych 2013) competition of Gazeta Bankowa PKO Bank Polski SA won the prize in the ‘Electronic Banking and e-Finance’ (‘Bankowość elektroniczna i e-finanse’) category, which the competition jury awarded the Bank for the implementation of IKO application. The Bank also won in the ‘Back office systems’ (‘Systemy back office’) category for the implementation of the Innovation Centre.
Several financial institutions, especially in the banking and insurance sector, competed for the title of Leader.

Columns of the Year (Szpalty Roku)

PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the Special Prize – Golden Column (Złota Szpalta) for the entirety, multidirectional and consistency of communication. In the 7th edition of the Columns of the Year competition 150 projects were analysed, prizes were awarded in 9 categories. As many as 8 Bank projects were in the final. Among them, intranet connecting business support with the integration of employees, multimedia newsletter dedicated to the merger with Nordea Bank Polska SA and the Annual Report for 2012 were awarded the Silver Columns of the Year. Facebook profile about running was also awarded.
The Columns of the Year is a competition for editors and authors of the corporate press organised by Corporate Press Association (Stowarzyszenie Prasy Firmowej). Its aim is to promote high standards in the own media by awarding the best projects.

Strategic Sponsor of 2014 (Strategiczny Mecenas Roku 2014)

The Warsaw Philharmonic honoured PKO Bank Polski SA with a special award for supporting its artistic activities, contributing to performances of the most outstanding artists. The Bank has been cooperating with The Warsaw Philharmonic for years.

PKO Junior awarded in Electronic Economy Congress Competition (Kongres Gospodarki Elektronicznej)

The Competition Jury of the VIII Electronic Economy Congress organised under the patronage of the Polish Bank Association, recognising the broad educational range and innovative form of unique offer for children under the age of 13 and their parents, has awarded PKO Junior in the Project of the Year (Projekt Roku) category. On the other hand, the company from the Group - Centrum Elektronicznych Usług Płatniczych eService Sp. z o.o., was recognised as a leader among settlement agents operating in Poland.

HP New Style IT (HP Nowy Styl IT)

PKO Bank Polski SA won the ‘HP New Style IT’ (‘HP Nowy Styl IT’) prize. The prize, which was awarded for the first time, promotes the most innovative implementations of IT solutions carried out in Polish companies.
The jury of the competition appreciated Bank for the implementation of the first in the country, safe payment system via mobile devices.

Leader of the Dialogue with the Stakeholders

For its consultations on the Rotunda design, PKO Bank Polski SA was ranked third in the ‘large companies’ category in the ’Leader of the dialogue with the stakeholders‘ competition which is aimed at promoting on-going, partnership dialogue with the stakeholders, as well as dialogue with the stakeholders as a preliminary and necessary condition for implementing good practices in other CSR areas.
The ’Leader of the dialogue with the stakeholders‘ competition forms part of the project titled ’Promoting corporate involvement in building social capital in Poland by using CSR tools‘ carried out by the Polish Confederation ’Lewiatan‘ and Deloitte, co-financed by the European Union using the funds from the European Social Fund.

Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2014

PKO Bank Polski SA won the first place for ‘PKO Bank Polski Run together’ campaign in the Excellent Internal Branding Campaign category in the Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2014 competition organised by HRM Institute and Markline. The award in this category is granted to institutions for the best internal branding campaign. A well-defined and implemented actions have a significant influence on attracting, employment and retention of talents.

Employer Branding Stars

The project ‘PKO Bank Polski Run together’, promoting the idea of jogging, both recreational as well as during mass events, received the main prize in the competition ‘Employer Branding Stars (EBstars)’ in the category ‘Best internal employer branding campaign’ (Najlepsza wewnętrzna kampania employer branding). Prize in this category is awarded to companies, which succeed in conducting activities in the area of building employer’s branding.
The competition ‘Employer Branding Stars (EBstars)’ is organised by HRstandard in cooperation with merit partner – Employer Branding Institute. Its goal is to select the best activities in the area of building employer’s branding in Poland.

Positivist of the Year

For its work at the core – financial education and promoting entrepreneurship among Poles – PKO Bank Polski SA received an award in the ’Positivist of the Year‘ competition. The jury gave a Special Award to the ’Bankomania‘ portal.
In this competition, which is organised by ‘Wokulski’ Foundation of Regional Incubators of Entrepreneurship (Fundacja Regionalnych Inkubatorów Przedsiębiorczości ’Wokulski‘) under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and the Polish Chamber of Commerce, awards are given to people, companies and institutions who can combine business activities with the promotion of broadly understood entrepreneurship.

Book of Lists

According to ‘Book of Lists 2014’ ranking prepared by Warsaw Business Journal, PKO Bank Polski SA is the best domestic bank and won in the ‘Banks in Poland’ category (a ranking criterion are revenues of given financial year).
The ‘Book of Lists’ ranking is the largest and one of the oldest publications present on the Polish publishing market, which via 70 rankings presents more than 2.5 thousand companies from different business sectors in Poland, i.a.: finance, service, advisory and energy. Each year, the best, the largest and the most dynamic companies are awarded.

Leader in the Mortgage Banking (Lider Bankowości Hipotecznej)

PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the category ‘Mortgage Banking’ of the ranking ‘Newsweek’s Friendly Bank’ (‘Przyjazny Bank Newsweeka’). It was appreciated for effectiveness in customers acquisition and high quality of their servicing. The purpose of the ranking was the assessment of banks’ inclination towards granting mortgage loans to young Poles with different family situation and forms of earning income. The survey carried out with the mystery customer method showed, that our Bank has a credit offer to various groups of customers, i.a.: singles, young people in cohabitation and marriages, self-employed, permanently employed, employed on a fixed-term employment contract or on a mandate contract or a task-specific contract. The ranking was conducted in collaboration with a market research company Millward Brown.

The Best Bank for Retail Clients

PKO Bank Polski SA was recognised as the best bank for retail clients and won the Nobilatum prize. The ranking prepared by the ’Polish Market’ in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) originated on the basis of a survey conducted among corporate entities – companies from the list of Pearls of the Polish Economy and individuals. Based on its results, the editorial staff chose best entities in three categories: banks, insurers and leasing companies. When choosing the best, number of indications and evaluation of cooperation with the institution was taken into account. Nobilatum Prize winners are the companies most and best rated.

Best Partner in Business

PKO Bank Polski SA won in the banking category in the ’Best Partner in Business‘ competition. It received an award for introducing qualitative changes as regards attractiveness and competitiveness of its offer and improving customer service.
The competition is organised by the economic monthly ’Home & Market‘. Companies are nominated for the awards based on the assessment of services addressed to institutional clients and the opinions of the largest private enterprises surveyed by the magazine. Awards go to organisations which have a broad offer and innovative solutions, and which demonstrate high professionalism and reliability.

Honourable mention for the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation in the best partnerships competition

The PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation received a special honourable mention in the Best Partnerships Competition organised by the National Centre of the European Social Fund. The jury recognised the diverse activities it undertakes – for undertaking activities both at local and national level, for ad-hoc activities and systematic activities in partnerships.
A strategic project of the Foundation and the Jagiellonian Club titled ’Academy of Modern Patriotism‘ was awarded the title of best social-private partnership in 2014. An honourable mention was also awarded for the Foundation’s partnership with the SIEMACHA Association for supporting the development of children and young people by running a network of modern educational care centres all over Poland.

PKO Bank Polski SA among the best CSR communicators

In a periodical survey on methods for communicating CSR and social engagement issues, conducted by the Rzeczpospolita daily, PKO Bank Polski SA was the only bank in the ranking to score 14 points out of a possible 15 (three companies representing other sectors scored the same number of points). None of the five hundred organisations surveyed scored the maximum number of points.
The survey was conducted for the fifth time. It is aimed at verifying information concerning social engagement which can be found on the websites of the largest Polish companies, and analysing the key trends in social involvement and the manner of disseminating information about this area of activity.

Philanthropy Leader

PKO Bank Polski SA was the only one to receive two honourable mentions in the Philanthropy Leaders contest. For yet another time in a row, the Bank received an award in the category of companies that have transferred, in the past year, the largest amount of funds for social purposes. It also received recognition for the ’customer social involvement programme‘, i.a. for the affinity Inteligo Visa payWave ‘Doing Good Pays Off‘ (‘Dobro procentuje’) payment card issued in cooperation with the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation and charity jogging campaigns ‘I’m jogging for…’ (‘biegnę dla…’) which form part of the bank programme ‘Let’s run together’ (‘Biegajmy razem’).
The Philanthropy Leaders contest is organised by ‘Forum Darczyńców’ in Poland. Its purpose is to honour organisations that have the greatest engagement in social activities, and thereby contribute to the promotion of the idea of corporate social involvement.

Prizes granted to entities of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group

First degree prize and title ‘Construction of the Year 2013’ (‘Budowa Roku 2013’)

The Golden Tulip Gdańsk Residence at 160 Piastowska Street, Gdańsk – project realised by Qualia Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – Pomeranka Sp. k. (entity from the Qualia Development Sp. z o.o. Group) – received a first degree prize and title ‘Construction of the Year 2013’ in the category of residential property above PLN 20 million. This prize, awarded for the 24th time by the Polish Association of Engineers and Construction Technicians, is called ‘Oscar’ of the construction industry.

The Rzeczpospolita daily’s ranking of PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA

PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA was ranked fourth in the ranking prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily, concerning the best investment companies. The analysis covered the fund’s results for the last 5 years and their recurrence, risk, staff turnover in the management team, and a subjective assessment of the communication of investment fund companies with the media.

Best product for SME 2014 (Najlepszy produkt dla MSP 2014) – price in the category of lease

The product ‘PKO Auto Leasing Mobilny’ (offered by the entity PKO Leasing SA) was awarded by the editorial office of ‘Gazeta Finansowa’ in the plebiscite ‘Best product for SME 2014’ (Najlepszy produkt dla MSP 2014) in the category of lease. The aim of granting the above mentioned awards is the indication of innovative and the most complex solutions for small and medium enterprises.

First place in the ranking of the Ukrainian edition of ‘Forbes’, concerning the solvency of banks

KREDOBANK SA was ranked first in the ranking concerning the solvency of banks in Ukraine, prepared by Forbes Ukraine. The ranking was compiled based on the results for 2014. The analysis covered the liquidity ratio, profitability ratio, capitalisation ratio, qualitative factors concerning liquidity, shareholders’ support, and the risks associated with the shareholders’ countries of origin. The objective of the ranking was to find banks which demonstrated the greatest ability to survive the period of system instability.

Bank enjoying confidence in Ukraine (Bank cieszący się zaufaniem na Ukrainie)

KREDOBANK SA won in the nomination ‘Bank which maintained a high level of customers’ confidence’ (‘Bank, który zachował wysoki poziom zaufania klientów’) in the 2nd competition ‘Bank enjoying confidence’ (Bank cieszący się zaufaniem) organised by the Ukrainian quarterly ‘Bankier’.

The best Bank in car loans in Ukraine

KREDOBANK SA won in the category ‘Best Bank in granting car loans’ in the 6th Ukrainian competition titles ‘Bank of the Year – 2014’ organised by the Ukrainian quarterly ‘Banker’. The prize was awarded for achieving the largest share in the market for crediting car purchases in Ukraine and the record value of loans granted.

The credibility of deposits in Ukraine

In 2014 KREDOBANK SA was placed in the Top-5 in respect of credibility of deposits among Ukrainian banks in a ranking prepared by the Ukrainian rating agency ‘Standard-Ranking’. In the appraisal the agency analysts took into account the results of KREDOBANK SA’s operations, maintaining the economic norms of National Bank of Ukraine and the support of a strategic shareholder – PKO Bank Polski SA.

Honourable mention in the ‘Leader in the area of PR-technology and marketing’ competition in Ukraine

KREDOBANK SA received a special honourable mention in the 2nd ‘Leader in the area of PR-technology and marketing – 2014’ competition organised by Ukrainian quarterly ‘Banker’, in the category ‘for consistency in promoting banking products and banking service’.