Słownik beginning with B

Banking book

operations not included in the trading book, specifically credit facilities and loans and deposits extended or accepted within the bank’s business activity or for the purposes of liquidity management

Basel II

a set of external regulations defining a new approach to the calculation of capital requirements and management of the risk in banks; in Poland, Basel II was implemented by way of amendment of the Banking Law and adoption of Resolutions No. 1-6/2007 of PFSA of March 2007, which became binding upon Polish banks as of 1 January 2008 (with the assumption of exercise of the option contained in § 14 clause 1 of Resolution No. 1/2007 of PFSA) amended with resolutions no 380-385/2008 of PFSA and resolution no 76/2010 of PFSA as amended


set of amendments to Basel II regulations published in December 2010 entered into forced in January 2014 and they implemented gradually until January 2019

Behavioural scoring system

a system for assessing the bank’s credit risk involved in the financing of clients mainly on the basis of transactions on the current account, used for defining the revolving credit limits

Business risk

the risk of loss resulting from unfavourable changes in the business environment, unfavourable decisions, improper implementation of decisions or a failure to take appropriate action in response to changes in the business environment; it specifically includes the strategic risk